Practice Makes Perfect

An Affordable Math Self-Learning Program for Grades 4-8
Tutorial Videos, Worksheets, Past Paper Practice and Video Memo!

Why Choose GradeUp!

Flexible Access

GradeUp is available 24/7, allowing learners to study anytime and anywhere, unlike tutors and classes that are only accessible at scheduled times.

Comprehensive Learning Materials

GradeUp offers a wide range of learning materials, more extensive than those typically provided by online tutors or math classes.

Immediate Targeted Support

When learners encounter challenging skills, they can watch GradeUp’s pre-recorded tutorial videos to grasp the concepts. They can then practice questions, each accompanied by a video memo, to reinforce their understanding immediately – without stressing parents and child or waiting for a scheduled class.

Research Insights

Research shows that multimedia tools, like pre-recorded tutorial videos and video memos, greatly improve learners’ understanding and retention of math concepts, leading to better academic performance.

GradeUp’s Features

Quality Content

Covers all CAPS topics and the learning sequence followed by the Annual Teaching Plan

Example Videos

Every Math skill includes step-by-step tutorial videos to guide learners before practicing

Regular Practice

Each grade offers over 4 000 targeted practice questions, plus Term 2 and 4 practice exams

Quality Memo

We provide video memo for every math question instead of traditional text-based memo

Grade Information

Grade 4 Math aligned to CAPS
Grade 5 Math aligned to CAPS
Grade 6 Math aligned to CAPS
Grade 7 Math aligned to CAPS
Grade 8 Math aligned to CAPS


Sign up the program for my son has been the best decision made for the year.

Mandisa Kgaogelo


The content was exceptionally well edited and follows the school’s teaching plan and topics.

Reon Pillay


I would highly recommend this program, and my daughter is thriving in math!

Tamaryn Van der Merwe

Northern Cape

It’s a great program, my son become more confident now.

Mpho Thabethe


I’m very happy with my child’s progress, thank you GradeUp!

Lydia Nkosi

Western cape

Good value for money and the video memo is very helpful.

Sibusiso Ndlovu


Build Confidence, Achieve Success

Worksheets and past papers practice

Confidence in Progress

Parents often worry about their child’s academic progress. With regular, structured practice sessions that include tutorial videos, math worksheets, and practice with past papers, parents can feel reassured that their child is consistently working towards mastering essential concepts, especially foundational skills.

Clear Learning Path

Having a well-defined math learning path that aligned with the CAPS ensures parents don’t have to guess what their child should be mastering in each grade. This clarity significantly reduces anxiety over whether their child is progressing correctly and staying on track with the Annual Teaching Plan.

Worksheets and past papers practice
Structure exam preparation with worksheet and past papers practice

Structured Exam Preparation

The stress associated with exam preparation can be overwhelming for both learners and parents. By providing past paper practices with video memo, we help demystify the math exam process.

The parents can download the latest past papers on
Gauteng Department of Education
National Department of Basic Education

No Last-Minute Cramming

Set aside time each day to work through a series of math worksheets. Consistent daily practice is key to achieving progress in math.

Worksheets and past papers practice
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