About Us

Bridging educational gaps is crucial for creating more equitable learning opportunities and ensuring that all students can achieve their full potential.

Transforming Education for Families

At Learn in Cloud (Pty) Ltd, our mission is to make quality education accessible and affordable for every family. Through Gradeup.co.za, we offer an innovative self-learning platform for Grade 4 to 8 students, focusing on Mathematics. Our unique features are designed not only to enhance learners’ understanding but also to provide significant relief for parents.

Our Key Offerings:

Extensive Online Practice Questions and Exams: Over 4 000 practice questions per grade, accompanied by detailed solution videos, cover all curriculum topics and skills.

Cost and Stress Reduction for Parents: Our affordable subscription plans are crafted to reduce educational expenses and ease the stress of supporting children’s learning at home.

Gradeup.co.za is more than a learning platform; it’s a step towards a stress-free educational journey for both students and their parents. Join us to experience the difference.

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