Grade 7

Content level is aligned to CAPS and Learning sequence is folllowed by Annual Teaching Plan

Hi Grade 7 Parents,

Welcome to the Senior Phase! Grade 7 is a pivotal year for your child’s educational journey, especially in mathematics.
At GradeUp, we’ve designed a self-learning program that provides the tools your child needs to thrive in this challenging subject.

Program Highlights:

Tutorial Videos: Our program kicks off with detailed tutorial videos, including both conceptual overviews and step-by-step examples. These are designed to ensure learners grasp the “how-to” of each topic thoroughly.

Extensive Practice: With over 4,000 practice questions tailored for Grade 7, our program covers various question types to boost all necessary skills and deepen mathematical understanding.

Exam Preparation: Practice exams for Terms 2 and 4, incorporating both provincial past papers and our custom assessments. Help students familiarize with the format, build confidence, and reduce test anxiety.

Video Memos: Unlike traditional text-based solutions, our video memos provide clear, step-by-step explanations for each question. This innovative method supports better understanding and leads to remarkable learning outcomes.

This program is perfect for homeschoolers, students seeking extra help, or any family needing a flexible and comprehensive math resource.

Empower your Grade 7 child to succeed with GradeUp!

Grade 7 Topics & Skills

Term 1

Whole Numbers

Order and compare whole numbers / Properties of operations / Long division / Add, subtract and multiply in columns / Estimation / Round off and compensate / Prime factors / LCM and HCF / Ratio, rate and sharing / Profit, loss, discount, budgets, accounts, loans and simple interest

Common Fractions

Order, compare and simplify common fractions (thousandths) / Add, subtract and multiply common fractions include mixed numbers / Convert between common fractions and mixed numbers / Percentage of part of a whole / Percentage increase and decrease / Solving problems

Decimal Fractions

Order and compare decimal fractions / Place values of decimal fractions / Round off / Add and subtract decimal fractions / Multiply and divide decimal fractions / Equivalent forms / Solving problems

Term 2


Square and square root / Cube and cube root / Exponential form / Calculate exponents


Count, order and compare integers / Add and subtract with integers / Commutative and associative properties

Numeric and Geometric Patterns

Investigate and extend patterns / Find and describe the rule of patterns

Functions and Relationships

Input and output values / Flow diagrams, tables and formulae / Equivalent forms

Term 3

Construction of Geometric Figures

Classify the accute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex angles

Geometry of Straight Lines

Line segment / Ray / Straight line / Parallel lines / Perpendicular lines

Geometry of 2D Shapes

Describe, sort, name and compare triangles / Equilateral triangles / Isosceles triangles / Right-angled triangles / Describe, sort, name and compare quadrilaterals / Similar and congruent figures / Solving geometric problems


Rotation / Translation / Reflection / Lines of symmetry / Enlargement and reductions

Term 4

Area and Perimeter of 2D shapes

Calculate the perimeter and area / Formulae / Convert between SI units / Solving problems

Surface Area and Volume of 3D Objects

Calculate the surface area, volume and capacity / Convert between SI units / Solving problems

Data Handling

Collect, organise, represent, analyze, interpret and report data / Tally marks, tables and Stem-and-leafs / Histograms, bar graphs, double bar graphs and pie charts / Mean, mode and median

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