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Discover Math Excellence with GradeUp
Elevate your child’s math skills with GradeUp, the leading online self-learning program for Grades 4 to 8, aligned with South Africa’s CAPS curriculum. GradeUp is designed to empower learners through engaging tutorial videos, extensive practice questions, and innovative video memos.

Why GradeUp?

CAPS-Aligned: Comprehensive content tailored to the Annual Teaching Plan, ensuring a coherent learning journey.
Interactive Tutorials: Step-by-step videos guide learners through each topic, simplifying complex concepts.
Practice and Exams: Over 4,000 practice questions and term exams to reinforce learning and prepare for success.
Video Memos: Unique, detailed explanations for every question enhance understanding and retention.

With GradeUp, your child gains the tools for math success: confidence, skill, and independence. Join GradeUp today and transform their learning experience.

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